Shaun Hains

Shaun Hains (Ph.D.) was one of the original contributing members who assisted with the development of SSHRC’s “Ethics Guidelines for Research with Human Subjects”, which preceded the TCPS Version1. Following this she was a member of the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR)’s Aboriginal Ethics Working Group that developed the CIHR Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal People. This work contributed to the development of Chapter 9 of the TCPS Version 2.

Shaun Hains holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a MA in Teacher Training. She is an elder of the Cree Nation and a dedicated educator. She currently works as a teacher and leader within Edmonton Public Schools. Recently she received the National Aboriginal Teacher of the Year Award from the Canadian Teachers Federation. She has worked with Aboriginal students and seen 100% of them remain in school. She has worked with students with Severe Conduct Disorder and while using Aboriginal Teaching methods she saw 100% of the students become successful in their diploma courses over six years. Fundamental to her methods is the teaching of an Aboriginal Peace Process. She has also worked with a Master Learner classroom that saw tremendous student and parent involvement in a process of school engagement around the student’s lens for holistic education. With a learning process that allowed the students to become fluent with their learning, the students became skilled in their learning and could educate their teachers about their own learning methods. These successes occurred when the learning Aboriginal Research Methods were introduced.